Today Holly and I went to meet my psychiatrist for the first time. Since the intake was a disaster (me not Holly) I wasn’t really looking forward to it. However, it went better than I could have hoped, for both Holly and I.

Unfortunately, because I was kind of panicky this morning I completely forgot the camera, so no pictures of Holly being a complete little angel. I recently stopped using a halter on her, since she hated it, and it was causing way more trouble than it was worth. She focused well, and responded pretty quickly to cues.

I was a little worried about how much she’d sniff, since this was the first time we’d been at the clinic without the halter. She only needed to be redirected a few times before she settled down for a nap.

One thing we need to work on though is her lying on my feet. She likes to kind of sprawl out on the ground. While this isn’t a problem now, it wouldn’t be polite to let her do this in places with narrow aisles, or with a lot of people going in or out. So that’s tomorrow’s project. Plus it’s really good for grounding.

On a completely different note, my lil’ sister and dad got me a present today. I feed Holly raw, and always joked about feeding her a pig’s head. Well, today, my dad and sis were at an Aisian market and picked up half of one for me. Holly wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, but gave it her best shot.

*****WARNING: Not for the weak of stomach!*****

Is this food?

Yup, it's edible.

Being stared at by food is just a little disturbing...


Holly didn’t finish it all, so hopefully she’ll get the rest of it tomorrow so I don’t have to store it in the fridge again. My mom really wasn’t too keen on the idea…

While I’m all for raw feeding, I love it, and will always try to feed raw, I think that from now on I’m going to avoid anything that stares at you. It’s just a little too disturbing for me. Also, scraping part of the brain of the walk wasn’t too fun, I’m not kidding either. The picky princess didn’t want to eat it, so it was up to me to clean it up. Can’t wait to get back to steaks and chicken quarters!

Until later,

Kat & Holly