I’m very very excited to announce that Holly’s new vest/harness is ready to go to work!

When I first started training I got her a pretty standard butterfly vest. Unfortunately it took her a long time to adjust to it, and she wasn’t very comfortable for her. She has an extraordinarily deep chest, which the vest wasn’t meant for. It fit awkwardly, and not quite right. Also, whenever she’d sit, her elbows would get caught in it. Here are some pictures of the old vest:

See, elbows get caught.


Now, I’ve been lusting after a SD harness from Freedom Designs USA. You can see pictures of Ollivander, handled by Veronica Morris, of the Psychiatric Service Dog Society, showing off his Freedom harness Here.

While Freedom Designs make amazing harnesses, I’ve also heard about their nightmare customer service. I really can’t risk losing that kind of money so I showed the pictures of it to my mom, and asked if she had any ideas on how to make it.

Over the last few weeks, going off of pictures, we put together a Freedom Design look-alike. It got finished last night, so here are a few pictures of it.

Left side view.

Top view.

Right side view.

Since we were going off of pictures, with no solid measurements for the vest part, it came out a little too small to put patches on. So, we made a cape to go over it. It snaps over top of the rings, and is just for when we’re out light, with no need to have pouches or anything like that.


Top, without patches.

Left. I dragged Holly out of bed at around midnight to try it on and get pics, so she's pretty groggy.

After we made sure it fastened well and fit, I sewed the patches on.

Top with patches.

Side shot with patches.

Holly and I haven’t gotten a chance to work in it yet, and the pouches are still a work in progress, but Holly is acting much more comfortable than she did in her first vest. The straps aren’t up in her armpits, and when she sits she doesn’t catch her elbows in the vest. So far so good! Hopefully I’ll get out today and work her in it.

Until later!

Kat & Holly