So Saturday was a training day. Holly and I spent a lot of time working on tightening up placing. Like coming to the front, going around me to heel position, and lying across my feet when asked.

After about a half hour of working on positioning, basic cues, and tasks, Holly and I were getting a little spacey. So we moved on to just goofing off:

Rolling in the grass.

Stopping for a sniff.

And a scratch.

Back to rolling.

Happy girl!

What's that?!

Taking a break.

No treat???


Which turned into a fun photoshoot around my neighbor’s rose bush.

Caught her lip

Prancing Pretty Princess

We finished yet?


Then zoomies in the yard with my best friend’s dog (visiting while she’s on vacation), Dozer.

The ears!

Turn on a dime

Here's Dozer trying to catch her and make her pay for running over him.

Finally, excitement over, both Holly and Doze were out cold for the rest of the day.

So comfy (?)

Looong hound legs, and the Schnauzer lump.

Until later,

Kat & Holly