The weekend is here at last, and after sleeping in this morning, Holly and I still had some work to do.

At first, not much was planned for the day, possibly a walk around the local lake to practice basic obedience, and tasks. So when my mom decided to head over to Fredy’s to pick up some supplies for a project she’s working on I decided that Holls and I would tag along.

I rather suspect that the Fred Meyer staff are getting sick of seeing the pair of us around, we seem to be gracing their aisles at least once a week.

Holly waiting and watching.

While we were checking out, a couple children noticed the “big doggy” and proceeded to tell their mom. The mother told them about how she was a Service Dog in Training, and she was learning to help people, so they shouldn’t try to pet or distract her. They admired her from afar.

I couldn’t help but grin, people here are so wonderful when it comes to being educated about Service Dogs. It means so much when people actually read the patches and refrain from petting. Bravo for those people who are educated!

Outside the store, even in her lighter vest she was still really hot.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, where sun is rare, and anything over 70 degrees is considered summer heat, we are currently being subjected to baking temperatures of over 80 degrees. Holly wasn’t the only one panting as we made a beeline for the market across the way to pick up some groceries.

Holly, waiting, again.

Too many people and by the end I was getting really disoriented. My mom could have helped me getting to the car, but Holly did her job well.

Here's the car, found it!

We opted to wait in the car while mom hit the pet store for some guinea pig feed for my sister’s pet piggy. It was really, really warm.

Big ears, big nose, big tongue, Holly's just a big girl.

We made a five second stop at the library to drop off some books, and then headed home.

All in all, a very successful day for everyone. Holly improves in focus every time we go out. Car rides are also getting less and less stressful for her.

For one last picture:

From left to right, Zoe, Holly, and Dozer. The peanut gallery.

Both Zoe and Dozer are staying with us while their owners are gone on trips. They are the Terrible Trio. All sorts of mischief happens when these two are together, but they do it so happily you can’t help but laugh.

Hope all of you are having gorgeous, successful and air-conditioned weekends!

Kat & Holly