Really, could it have gotten any sillier? Holly seems to take her Sundays seriously, she was determined that working wasn’t on todays list of things to do.

We went to the local lake for some outdoor training, and the Pretty Princess was an absolute brat! No pictures, I forgot the camera today. Probably just as well too. Holly really, really wanted to play. Every dog she passed, she’d play bow at, and nearly every person got her tail wagging a mile a minute.

She would start to pull ahead, and the second I stopped she’d leap back into position with this big grin on her face, bowing and wagging, trying to play. By the end all I could do was sigh and laugh. She was so happy I couldn’t get irritated with her.

We did take the chance to work with docks. We went on and off of them, around them, rocked on them. After being puzzled, and after watching the water, trying to figure out what it was, Holly decided she would rather watch the ducks.

Not from today, but this pretty much sums up how excited the Pretty Princess was.

The moral to this was, don’t expect a dog, any dog SDiT, SD or pet, to always be 100%. They’re not robots, and they need their breaks too.

Hope you had a beautiful, (but perhaps cooler) Sunday.

Kat & Holly