Well, today my lil’ Sis packed her bags and headed for my Aunt’s place, far out in the middle of no where. My Mom, Sis, Holly and I all packed up the car to meet my Aunt and Uncle half-way.

This is Pt. 1 because my Sis is coming back and we’ll make a similar trip this coming weekend.

Holly is used to riding in the middle seat on her own, being able to spread out without any problems, have a little room. It’s taken two years to get to that point. So, with my mom and Sis in the front, I sat in the middle seat with the Princess. Let’s just say it was a stressful ride there. Stressful enough, in fact, that I didn’t take a single picture.

Holly eventually settled down, but conditioning her to riding in the back, and on the floor is definitely on our training to-do list.

We hung out at the little railroad-side park for a while. Waiting for the relatives to get there. Holly was still stressed out and, since the place was deserted she was allowed to have a good sniff-around, intersperced with photo shoots, and short basic obedience work.

Why yes, I can shake! (Sis is holding a treat just out of the shot.)

In the shade of the apple trees.

What a smile. 🙂

The relatives arrived and, with operation Rendezvous successfully completed Mom, Holly, and I piled back into the car and set out for the noise, and general chaos of our rainy city.

With the entire backseat to herself, Holly was a happy puppy, and perfectly content to doze most of the ride home.

Shortly after loading back up.

By the end of our trip.

So that was how our big trip went.

Before I sign out though, is it just me, or do relatives seem to be oxymoronic by nature? These particular relatives are wonderful, but I had a clash of opinions with them in the 20 minutes we were there. Apparently I’m not feeding Holly right because I’m not supplementing her diet enough… um…she’s raw fed. I know what I’m doing, and my dog isn’t going to drop dead.

Also, when I was working with Holly I kept getting told to “just let her have fun”. Really? So when I’m training her I’m mean because I don’t let her drag me around, but when I let her drag me around she’s badly behaved and “too much dog” for them? Huh??

Ah well, take what I like, and leave the rest. I’ll stick to my ways, they’re working just fine.

For now, we Pacific Northwestians have scuttled back into the slightly cooler, but not air-conditioned darkness of our homes. To the rest of the country, we envy you sooo much right now!

Hope you all are having wonderful days!

Kat & Holly