Some of you may know via a forum I frequent, that in April I ended up with a darling little silver ferret. I didn’t really follow up on her too much, but I thought, since this is a slow day dog-wise, that I’d let you know how the little beast is doing.

She ended up being named Ripple, sometimes called The Ripple Tide, or Rip, or, more often than not, Dammit You Don’t Break That.

For those of you who don’t know the story it goes something like: I was browsing on Craigslist. Some moron who didn’t know that a ferret is nothing like a gerbil couldn’t handle Rip and was going to “set her free” unless someone would take her. Ferrets have no street sense, so this is sending them to certain death. I’ve had nine ferrets in the past, so I offered to take her. She was supposed to find a new home, but so far she’s still around, we aren’t complaining!

Here’s what she looked like when I first got her:

Rip the day after I got her.

She’s gotten bigger and much more active since she joined Holly and I. She climbs anything and everything, loves anything sweet, and high in sugar, and will steal socks and underwear. Rip HATES water, and loves torturing Holly, who lives in fear of getting her nose bitten off.

Yesterday was really warm, Rip wasn’t thrilled with the whole swimming thing, so we went on a walk, actually more of a meander around the driveway. It thoroughly exhausted her, and I was able to get a few pictures.

The only picture where she actually held still. She'd just been digging, so that's dirt on her nose. Perhaps she'll get to China one of these days.

Ferrets truly are incredibly happy creatures. Nothing can ever keep them down. For those of you who haven’t had the joy of watching the Weasel War Dance look it up on YouTube. It’s like taking a dose of condensed joy.

Bottle-brush tail!


This second was just before Rip decided that Holly was being too pushy and jumped at her nose. Holly decided chewing on her bone would be safer.

Rip exploring, Holly chewing her bone, Dozer watching Rip, the two of them pretty much leave each other alone.

 So that’s how Miss Ripple Tide is doing. Quite content to bully and harass the dogs, keep me on my toes, and climb anything and everything (including my dresser… don’t ask how, I haven’t a clue.) She gets out every day at least once for a few hours. She’ll occasionally go out of a short and very slow walk with Holly and I. She’s a wonderful ferret, truly joy in motion.

Hope ya’ll are having happy, busy days as well!

Kat & Holly