Last Monday Holly, Mom and I went on a car trip to drop my Lil’ Sis off with my aunt and uncle for a week.

On Saturday, Holly, Mom, and I piled into the car to pick up my Sis at an outdoor diner about an hour and a half away from home.

Holly’s ride there was very calm, quiet, and for the majority of the time, stress-free.

On the way out.

Dozer tagged along as well, since he would be heading home later in the day.

Peering out from under the seat.

When we dropped my Sis off on Monday this little diner had been deserted. Not this time. It was PACKED with people. This was not a good thing for me. I was really, really edgy. Holly did her job well, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep me under the threshold.

We picked the Lil’ Sis up and left pretty quickly. Here’s the brief picture of the pick-up point that I snapped from inside the car.

A very purty place.

The ride back was also relatively peaceful.

Sleeping on the way home.

We got home. Holly and Dozer crashed out for a while. Then Dozer’s family came by and picked him up. Poor Holls was a bit of a wreck, she’s really attached to her little buddy, and was really stressed out to see him go. But after a good meal and walk she was able to calm down a bit.

I hope you all will follow Dozer and his person’s adventures at their blog: Just Between Us

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Kat & Holly