That we, the Clan did make a great, and arduous journey to the Medieval Faire.

Welcome to Camlann.

Yep, and boy did we have a good time.

In our area there used to be several Medieval Fairs, all of which were quite large and very, very fun. Unfortunately they slowly died out leaving only the Camlann Medieval Faire. Even that has become a much smaller event since it’s run completely on donations.

Outside the village.

Nevertheless, Lil’ Sis, Mom, Holly, and I all packed up the car and sallied forth for a day at the fair. I wasn’t sure how Holly would react to a lot of the stuff, since it’s not stuff we see every day. Also, it’s set in a very wooded area, and because she is a hound, Holly gets distracted in forests where small furry creatures run free.

There was Master Payne, the magician:

Master Payne, world famous jongular.

My gosh did this guy have a voice like a foghorn. You could hear him from across the village. I was a little worried how Holly would deal with him bellowing about 6 feet away from her, and blowing his little trumpet. Here’s how she did:

What yelling?

She wore her halter to help her focus in the new, and extremely distracting environment.

Poor Holly had her first experience being harassed by a child. A 2 or 3 year old girl came over and started petting Holly. She was pretty gently until she started hitting Holly on the vest. I wasn’t sure what to do about it, the dad was completely clueless, he didn’t even notice until the mom came over and told the girl that she couldn’t pet Holly.

Holly dealt with it beautifully, she started getting uncomfortable when the girl was hitting her back, she got up and moved behind me. If it had gone on for even a few more seconds I would have had to jump in. I wish parents would pay more attention to their children sometimes.

There were also some singers

They were absolutely wonderful!

Holly wasn't horribly enthusiastic about the music.

There was a medieval wood shop.

in front of the wood shop.

In front of the spinner's set-up.

Sitting in town square.

Lying down in the town square.

Outside of one of the houses.

In front of the tournament field.

 After an hour or two of wandering around, training, and looking at all the fun sights, we packed up and headed home.

Sleeping on the way home.

A fun and exhausting event. If you live in the area I highly suggest making a pilgrimage over to Camlann and dining at the wonderful, time-appropriate (but rather expensive) Bors Hede restaurant.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Kat & Holly