After the first night of fun Belle, Dozer, Holly and I got up, and headed around the lake for a good long walk.

Looking out over the beautiful lake during our morning walk.

Dozer coming back from the dock. He and Holly liked nibbling on the grass there.

The dogs got a special B-day treat, made of sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and molasses. She’ll be posting on how to make it soon.

Waiting for their goodies.

Then we headed out for a day of fun. Holly’s never had to ride in the bottom of the car before. So this was a new experience for her. She wasn’t thrilled, but she did pretty well.

Lying with her head under the cup holder.

We went out for lunch at a pizza place. We ate outdoors so Dozer could come with. The dogs even got their own separate water bowls.

Under the table.

Dozer next to Belle.

Then we meandered around the shops and hung out in the shade a little bit.

Next to the Ben and Jerry's Cow.

Hanging out in the shade. Belle was hanging onto the leashes while I got the pictures.

We visited the local pet boutique and then dropped by Freddies to pick up junk food.

After riding home we spent the rest of the day eating the junk food, walking the pups, and hanging out in the tent that we had commandeered for the sleep-over.

Her Royal Highness decided the air mattress was hers.

Dozer keeping an eye out for Belle.

It was a wonderful day. Nothing better than junk food and best friends! I’ll finish the epic tale tomorrow.

Until Later,

Kat & Holly