Oh my goodness. What a wonderful, busy weekend it’s been.

My best friend, Belle, from Just Between Us had Holly and I over to celebrate her birthday.  It was quite a weekend, with LOTS of pictures so I’ll cover it over a few days.

Thursday night Holls got a bath to clean her all up for the big weekend. She wasn’t really all that thrilled.

Not thrilled with cleanliness.

On the way down to her place we stopped by Ikea for lunch and to pick up some furniture. This was Holl’s first time in a restaurant-type setting. I was a little worried about how she’d do going under the table, but she went right under when asked.

Under the table like a good dog.

Holly did wonderfully in Ikea. She did her tasks well, not perfectly, but pretty well. She didn’t sniff anything, and ignored people pointing and talking to her.

Waiting in the check out line.

We saw a beautiful Golden Retriever mobility dog there, Holly did a good job ignoring that too.

Belle and Dozer live right next to a beautiful lake, so Holly, Doze, Belle, and I went down and hung out there for a while. Holly even decided to go wading!

Splashing around.

At first she just splashed around in the shallows.

Sniffing in the water

Then she decided to wade out a little deeper. I’ve never seen her go so deep!

Being a brave Coonie.

She heard something

She even decided to snorkle a little.

Barely missed her sticking her head under water.

Turns out she was snorkling for the goose poop that was on the bottom of the lake. Uck… oh well, she had a wonderful time!

Dozer joined her, but he refused to go in the water.

She waded, he balanced.

So that concludes the first few adventures we had at Belle’s place. Visit her blog to see some more pictures. Check back tomorrow when I’ll continue the adventure story.

Until later,

Kat & Holly