Wordless Wednesday Wednesday, Sep 28 2011 

What an eyeroll!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly


Puppies and Rain Tuesday, Sep 27 2011 

Hey look…

It's raining in Seattle!

It’s the lovely damp that is the trademark of Puget Sound, the kind that permeates into your very soul… or so it seems. I love it!

I got new pictures of Miss Moora from the breeder, she’s 5 weeks old now, and she and her littermates are out exploring and playing in the yard. So without further adieu here are the pictures of her and her siblings:

Puppy butts!

In the dirt.

The little nose...

Adorable puppy face.

Pair o' Pups


Hope you’ve had your puppy fix!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly

It’s Baaack! Thursday, Sep 22 2011 

The rainy city finally has rain again!! At loooong last!

Call me weird, but I love the rain, Seattle just isn’t right without it. Holly doesn’t agree with me though… She strongly dislikes the rain. In fact the look she gives me before we go out into the damp can be summed up as,

“Why the *&#%@$ am I going out in that?”

We’ve recently begun our new regimen to prepare us for the puppy, and to keep me on a schedule. It originally went something like:

5:00am — Get up, get dressed and walk the Pretty Princess for 3 miles.

6:00 — Have breakfast.

7:00 — Do lots of school.

However, it’s altered somewhat, so now our mornings go along the lines of:

5:00 — Get up. Turn heater on, and doze.

5:30 — actually wake up, get dressed and walk Holly three miles.

6:30 — Eat breakfast.

6:45 — Fall asleep on sofa.

12:00 — Realize just how long I slept.

Yeah… it’s a bit of a work in progress…

No new pictures of the lil’ Darling this week. The breeder has been having a rather hectic start to school (she’s a teacher), and she’s been gone weekends at dog shows, trying to make sure that my pup’s sire has enough points to go to Westminster this year.

For the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of the Pretty Princess and Co.:

That can't be comfortable...

Winter, a 14 year old Vizla we're taking care of while her owner's out of town. She likes to out of the way.

Monsieur Le Doze. Who came over for a visit a few weeks back.

Other than that, no new news! Hopefully I’ll have more pictures for you all to see soon! I’m also planning on adding a few more wonderful blogs to the blogroll.

Until Later,

Kat & Holly

The Panic is Setting In… Tuesday, Sep 13 2011 

First things first. Holly and I have been doing really well. She’s really enjoying her time as a pet again. She eats, sleeps, walks, and chases squirrels without a care in the world. Goofy hound!

The running hound.

This weekend Belle, Dozer, Holly and I all got together and hung out for a day. Holly and Doze had a great time goofing off together, and of course, Belle and I gabbed away. Lots of fun for everyone!

Dozer... crazy Schnauzer

 A few days ago I stupidly gave her her pig leg in the hot sun. There were flies and wasps all over the place, and while defending her dinner, the Pretty Princess got stung in her cheek. She ended up with one side of her face looking like a Bloodhound.

Poor thing, half Coonie, half Boodhound.

On the puppy front there is more news! Moora is now three weeks old, her official come-home date is November 5th or 6th. I’m sooo excited, but the puppy panic is beginning to set in. I’ve never raised a puppy before, and I’m starting to think:

“Oh dear gosh, what have I done??”

But still… I’ve been doing a lot of reading, getting lots of schoolwork finished before she comes, and I’ve gotten more pictures of the litter:

Too precious! Hopefully I’ll have more information on everything soon!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly

A Brief Update & HUGE Announcement! Wednesday, Sep 7 2011 

Yes, I’m an awful blogger. I haven’t updated in a while due to some huge happenings going on over here.

First the update.

Since Holls washed out she’s been so much happier. She’s just more excited and happy. She’s no longer stressed out all the time, it’s like she knows now that she can goof off and chase squirrels and so long as she comes back when called, I’m just fine with it.

She still does her tasks, but she does them because she loves to, not because she has to. She still comes with me to my therapist’s office, since I have to go, and I cannot function there without her.

Holly, Nimby, and Edna stopping to sniff the dandelions... Only Nimby was complient though...

Now for the announcement…

Even before Holly washed out I had a really worrying gut feeling that she wouldn’t be the best SD candidate. So, I did a little research, just in case so that I wold have a Plan B.

At first it was mostly into Labs. I found some exellent breeders in the area, so when Holly washed out I talked to my Mom about it. Now, my Mom isn’t a dog person really, she likes them when she can be their indulgent grandma and not have to worry about their care. She’s really not into big, hairy dogs. So I was absolutely shocked when she asked me,

“Well Kat, what about a Newfoundland?”

My jaw hit the floor. Newfies are an absolutely perfect fit for my mentallity and for my disability, I hadn’t even thought of them though because when I asked my Mom about a Dane she had put her foot down because she didn’t want a dog that could drool on the table.

Soo… with Newfies in mind I started doing a little more research. I found that they were exactly what I was looking for in a Service Dog, minus the drool, but honestly, it’s not like Holly hasn’t had her own floogers.

Armed with my new found Newfie knowledge, I found several excellent breeders and wrote a loooong e-mail to them.

A tip to anyone looking at breeders, unless they say on their website that they’ll respond promptly to e-mails, don’t bother. Just call them, it’s so much easier, and they’re always up to a long conversation about their beloved beasts.

There were two that caught my eye. Both had litters breedings planned for November, both had had dogs go to SD homes, and both were more than willing to answer my questions.

I was perfectly ready to put down my deposit and wait, but then another breeder on the NCA website caught my eye. I looked at her website, and fell in love with her dogs, and her obvious adoration for them. She also had a litter that had been born very recently. I went ahead and e-mailed her, and because anyone who knows me also knows I have a hard time waiting, I called her two days after I wrote the e-mail.

She was gone at a dog show with several of her pooches, but her assistant breeder was there taking care of the pups and the dogs. We chatted for two and a half hours. Then, several hours later, the breeder herself called me from the show to talk.

Luck of all luck, it turned out she had one female left because someone had decided not to adopt a puppy. After a long discussion with both me and my Mom she decided that we would be a good home for the lil’ girl.

So… without further adieu I would like to introduce you to:

‘Avalon Bey’s Lady of Ravens’ or ‘Morrighan’

her even more abbreiviated name will be ‘Moora’ since even Morrighan is hard to say quickly.

Her Dam is:

‘CH. Avalon Bey’s Lady of the Lake’ or ‘Raven’

Her Sire is the fourth best Newfie in the country:

‘GCH. Cypress Bay JL Snazzy Story at Avalon Bey’ or ‘Snazzy’

She and her siblings are currently 2-3 weeks old. Here are some of the pictures of the litter at one week old that her breeder sent me.

Raven and her pups.

Tired Mama

Sleepy little puppy too.

I have no idea which one is Moora, but they’re all absolutely adorable! The wonderful breeder has promised me more pictures shortly, and I will of course share them when I get them.

They will be going home when they are twelve weeks old, so in about 10 weeks little Moora will journey cross country to us! Holly’s going to be so irritated. Puppies without fail always pull on her ears. No worries though, she’ll be getting extra love and food so she can keep up with the baby and not feel left out.

Until Later!

Kat & Holly

Stuuuupid Human Friday, Sep 2 2011 

There are some things I’ve done that I just want to smack myself. A few days ago I had one of those stupid moments.

So Holly and I were out for our after dark walk. Everything was all well and good, another good ending to a perfectly normal day and relatively peaceful walk. Now, usually when we get about a half block away from home I unleash Holly, make her wait, and then release her to sprint home. She loves to run so much, it’s one of the high points of her day. I can always see the house when I release her so I’ve never had a problem with it… until now.

So the Princess and I were crossing the street towards our house when I see this person coming. I start to panic a little, but not too badly so I quick unleash Holly and give her the release cue. Problem is that although I wasn’t panicked enough to have an attack I wasn’t thinking straight and forgot to check the immediate street area for squirrels and cats.

A cat was sitting right in front our driveway. If it had just sat there Holly would have been intriuged, but wouldn’t have done anything more than sniff it. Unfortunately it sprinted off and Holly went right off after it. She ran off across the street and between two houses into the alley behind it. I was calling her, but she didn’t slow down.

I raced after her, but I wasn’t sure what to do once I got to the houses where she disappeared. To go between them would result in the owner getting really angry (cranky person lives there) and I don’t want to go around and risk Holly not being able to find me. I just stood there calling for a few minutes.

I can’t even describe just how wonderful it was when I heard the click of the motion-activated light in the back of that house. Holly peered around the corner at me, and came slinking back. She was acting like she expected me to hit her or be angry. I was just relieved that she’d come back relatively quickly, within a minute or two of running off.

After the adrenaline rush wore off I had a massive panic attack, but it was well worth it to have my Baby Girl back. So, long story short, I’ll be double and triple checking the sidewalk before letting her have an offleash sprint again.

Until Later,

Kat & Holly