First things first. Holly and I have been doing really well. She’s really enjoying her time as a pet again. She eats, sleeps, walks, and chases squirrels without a care in the world. Goofy hound!

The running hound.

This weekend Belle, Dozer, Holly and I all got together and hung out for a day. Holly and Doze had a great time goofing off together, and of course, Belle and I gabbed away. Lots of fun for everyone!

Dozer... crazy Schnauzer

 A few days ago I stupidly gave her her pig leg in the hot sun. There were flies and wasps all over the place, and while defending her dinner, the Pretty Princess got stung in her cheek. She ended up with one side of her face looking like a Bloodhound.

Poor thing, half Coonie, half Boodhound.

On the puppy front there is more news! Moora is now three weeks old, her official come-home date is November 5th or 6th. I’m sooo excited, but the puppy panic is beginning to set in. I’ve never raised a puppy before, and I’m starting to think:

“Oh dear gosh, what have I done??”

But still… I’ve been doing a lot of reading, getting lots of schoolwork finished before she comes, and I’ve gotten more pictures of the litter:

Too precious! Hopefully I’ll have more information on everything soon!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly