The rainy city finally has rain again!! At loooong last!

Call me weird, but I love the rain, Seattle just isn’t right without it. Holly doesn’t agree with me though… She strongly dislikes the rain. In fact the look she gives me before we go out into the damp can be summed up as,

“Why the *&#%@$ am I going out in that?”

We’ve recently begun our new regimen to prepare us for the puppy, and to keep me on a schedule. It originally went something like:

5:00am — Get up, get dressed and walk the Pretty Princess for 3 miles.

6:00 — Have breakfast.

7:00 — Do lots of school.

However, it’s altered somewhat, so now our mornings go along the lines of:

5:00 — Get up. Turn heater on, and doze.

5:30 — actually wake up, get dressed and walk Holly three miles.

6:30 — Eat breakfast.

6:45 — Fall asleep on sofa.

12:00 — Realize just how long I slept.

Yeah… it’s a bit of a work in progress…

No new pictures of the lil’ Darling this week. The breeder has been having a rather hectic start to school (she’s a teacher), and she’s been gone weekends at dog shows, trying to make sure that my pup’s sire has enough points to go to Westminster this year.

For the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of the Pretty Princess and Co.:

That can't be comfortable...

Winter, a 14 year old Vizla we're taking care of while her owner's out of town. She likes to out of the way.

Monsieur Le Doze. Who came over for a visit a few weeks back.

Other than that, no new news! Hopefully I’ll have more pictures for you all to see soon! I’m also planning on adding a few more wonderful blogs to the blogroll.

Until Later,

Kat & Holly