How On Earth… Thursday, Oct 13 2011 

Did humanity get so stupid??

This vent stems from a post I saw on Craigslist earlier today. A twelve year old girl, begging for money and equipment for her 9 month old dog.

Stupid person that I was I e-mailed her. I have a lot of sympathy for young dog owners. Perhaps I shouldn’t have as much. I spent an hour writing up an informative e-mail on dog owning as a teen. She sends me back three e-mails. All one sentence long…

Okay…. so I e-mail her back, asking a few more questions. She then sends me four more messages, all with varrying amounts of information. Turns out she’s not twelve, she’s eleven. Her dog is not nine months, it’s six months, with severe fear reactivity towards people. Joy.

Now, she wants me to help her find a job because her dad won’t pay for the new pup in addition to the three other dogs they already have.

The most awful part of this whole affair is that I will end up helping her. No way will I pay for anything, or give her stuff, but I will help out with any information I can give.

Why, dear gosh, why can’t I just leave other people to deal with their own problems?!! It’s not like I’m lacking drama in my life, not like I don’t have enough stress of my own, so why do I seem to end up stuck with other people’s in addition to my own?

So that is my vent for the day. People need to use their brains before getting dogs they can’t afford. Had I done what she did my Mom would never have let me keep the dog, especially if it had issues like that!

Wrapping it up now.

Holly is practicing her Ninja skills. Especially camoflauge.

Until Later!

Kat & Holly


Wordless Wednesday: Raw Feeding in the Rain Wednesday, Oct 12 2011 

Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Holly’s not a water dog. The only things she does with it are drink it, wade in it, and run away from it. It presents a bit of a problem raw feeding, since she’s not allowed to eat raw inside.

It started out ominously overcast, while the Pretty Princess finished her pork leg.

She'd eaten most of it when it started to rain. She wanted to bring her bone inside.

Much to her irritation she had to leave it outside. She then spent the rest of the evening staring out the window at it.

 Until Later!

Kat & Holly

Little Bundles of Joy Tuesday, Oct 11 2011 

An update at last! I sent in the final signed contracts and paperwork late last week. My breeder got it today and gave me an eagerly awaited update on the little bundles of joy.

They’re now seven weeks old and doing wonderfully, playing the yard and growing bigger every day. They’ll be seeing a cardiologist on the 3rd and then the lil’ Bit is coming home on the 5th.

So, here are the latest pictures of the beautiful bundles of joy:

Aren’t they precious?!

Hope you enjoyed the lil’ fluffly bundles or adorable-ness!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly

Love My Friends Monday, Oct 10 2011 

We all have those friends that never cease to amaze us. Sometimes I take my best friends for granted, forgetting just how wonderful and kind they really are.

Well, my bestest bud, Belle, from Just Between us, came up North to go to the CCI gala in the area. She and her Mom dropped by afterwards (laaaate at night) to talk for a little while. We had a great time talking CCI pups, and everything else as well. Belle also got me a puppy warming present!

Thanks you Belle!!

I had asked to borrow Dozer’s old collar for the pup while she’s still growing, and her Medium sized Gentle Leader. The GL is on loan until the lil’ Bit outgrows it, or Belle needs it.

She got me a beautiful new collar for the pup with a good range of length, so it should work for her for the first 6-8 months (maybe longer?)!

So pretty!

She also got me a lovely Nylabone for the puppy to chew on! I had a Nylabone in the past which Holls and I both adored. However, a visiting dog chewed it to pieces.

Yay! Holly's jealous though, she won't get a chance at this bone until the pup's gotten to chew it. She's let me know just how irritating she finds this.

Also, a Bags on Board bag dispenser! Huzzah!! I love those things, save lots of worry about bags.

Yay!! So handy!

 Friends are amazing. Sometimes you take them for granted, then they do something that completely surprises you and reminds you just how lucky you are. Thanks Belle!!

For your amusement…

Holly bats her tiny lashes coyly from under her curly locks... *snort* Gosh, she was mad at me for that!

Hope your weekend has been as fantastic as ours was!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly

Thank You Captain Obvious! Wednesday, Oct 5 2011 

Now as some of you may know, I have… family. An interesting family.

Namely I have a certain member of this family who always, without fail, while being very dear to me, we have two very strong, very different opinions on almost everything relating to dogs. From feeding (which she has called me “narrow-minded” on). My training methods (because everyone knows Holly needs to “be a dog” more). Along with many other things, walking, behavior, breeds, using Holly as a “bad coping device” and that I need to “just get over my issues”.

Well, today we talked for a little while over the phone. She had two major break throughs that made me want to simultaneously dance for joy and scream “I told you so”. One of her dogs was having issues on the food she was feeding. First she tried putting her on Beneful (ewwww!) and finally switched her to Taste of the Wild (huzzah!).

Four words: "Do you want dinner?"

This particular member of the family has also had a thing against pit bulls for quite a while. Well, she and her husband now have one. They rescued him from heat stroke, brought him in, he got along with their dogs and critters, his old family couldn’t keep him, so now they have one of those “vicious” dogs.

As has become customary though, we also strongly disagreed on something. Holly alerts me to people coming within a certain distance. She was trained to do that before washing out, and continues to do it for fun. It’s something we’ve done for fun, she’s never forced to do it, and she’s rather enthusiastic about punching my leg with her nose. However, my relative seems to think that I’m forcing her to do something that makes her uncomfortable, or makes her dislike people. (whaaaa??) So, without further adieu here is a very short clip of Holls doing her “warn” on cue.

Yes… she looks so abused, and heartbroken.

Ah well, family, love them, hate them, got to live with them.

Hope you are all getting along splendidly with yours!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly