Now as some of you may know, I have… family. An interesting family.

Namely I have a certain member of this family who always, without fail, while being very dear to me, we have two very strong, very different opinions on almost everything relating to dogs. From feeding (which she has called me “narrow-minded” on). My training methods (because everyone knows Holly needs to “be a dog” more). Along with many other things, walking, behavior, breeds, using Holly as a “bad coping device” and that I need to “just get over my issues”.

Well, today we talked for a little while over the phone. She had two major break throughs that made me want to simultaneously dance for joy and scream “I told you so”. One of her dogs was having issues on the food she was feeding. First she tried putting her on Beneful (ewwww!) and finally switched her to Taste of the Wild (huzzah!).

Four words: "Do you want dinner?"

This particular member of the family has also had a thing against pit bulls for quite a while. Well, she and her husband now have one. They rescued him from heat stroke, brought him in, he got along with their dogs and critters, his old family couldn’t keep him, so now they have one of those “vicious” dogs.

As has become customary though, we also strongly disagreed on something. Holly alerts me to people coming within a certain distance. She was trained to do that before washing out, and continues to do it for fun. It’s something we’ve done for fun, she’s never forced to do it, and she’s rather enthusiastic about punching my leg with her nose. However, my relative seems to think that I’m forcing her to do something that makes her uncomfortable, or makes her dislike people. (whaaaa??) So, without further adieu here is a very short clip of Holls doing her “warn” on cue.

Yes… she looks so abused, and heartbroken.

Ah well, family, love them, hate them, got to live with them.

Hope you are all getting along splendidly with yours!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly