We all have those friends that never cease to amaze us. Sometimes I take my best friends for granted, forgetting just how wonderful and kind they really are.

Well, my bestest bud, Belle, from Just Between us, came up North to go to the CCI gala in the area. She and her Mom dropped by afterwards (laaaate at night) to talk for a little while. We had a great time talking CCI pups, and everything else as well. Belle also got me a puppy warming present!

Thanks you Belle!!

I had asked to borrow Dozer’s old collar for the pup while she’s still growing, and her Medium sized Gentle Leader. The GL is on loan until the lil’ Bit outgrows it, or Belle needs it.

She got me a beautiful new collar for the pup with a good range of length, so it should work for her for the first 6-8 months (maybe longer?)!

So pretty!

She also got me a lovely Nylabone for the puppy to chew on! I had a Nylabone in the past which Holls and I both adored. However, a visiting dog chewed it to pieces.

Yay! Holly's jealous though, she won't get a chance at this bone until the pup's gotten to chew it. She's let me know just how irritating she finds this.

Also, a Bags on Board bag dispenser! Huzzah!! I love those things, save lots of worry about bags.

Yay!! So handy!

 Friends are amazing. Sometimes you take them for granted, then they do something that completely surprises you and reminds you just how lucky you are. Thanks Belle!!

For your amusement…

Holly bats her tiny lashes coyly from under her curly locks... *snort* Gosh, she was mad at me for that!

Hope your weekend has been as fantastic as ours was!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly