Did humanity get so stupid??

This vent stems from a post I saw on Craigslist earlier today. A twelve year old girl, begging for money and equipment for her 9 month old dog.

Stupid person that I was I e-mailed her. I have a lot of sympathy for young dog owners. Perhaps I shouldn’t have as much. I spent an hour writing up an informative e-mail on dog owning as a teen. She sends me back three e-mails. All one sentence long…

Okay…. so I e-mail her back, asking a few more questions. She then sends me four more messages, all with varrying amounts of information. Turns out she’s not twelve, she’s eleven. Her dog is not nine months, it’s six months, with severe fear reactivity towards people. Joy.

Now, she wants me to help her find a job because her dad won’t pay for the new pup in addition to the three other dogs they already have.

The most awful part of this whole affair is that I will end up helping her. No way will I pay for anything, or give her stuff, but I will help out with any information I can give.

Why, dear gosh, why can’t I just leave other people to deal with their own problems?!! It’s not like I’m lacking drama in my life, not like I don’t have enough stress of my own, so why do I seem to end up stuck with other people’s in addition to my own?

So that is my vent for the day. People need to use their brains before getting dogs they can’t afford. Had I done what she did my Mom would never have let me keep the dog, especially if it had issues like that!

Wrapping it up now.

Holly is practicing her Ninja skills. Especially camoflauge.

Until Later!

Kat & Holly