It’s the big day! The lil’ Bit will be arriving tonight at 11:31pm if nothing goes wrong.

Considering how quickly the past weeks have gone by you’d think that today would have flown by with ease… nope. I got no sleep last night, and when I don’t sleep neither does Holly, both of us dozed lightly. We were up by 4:30 this morning. Thankfully I managed to doze off again and get a few more hours in.

Then we waited for the phone call from her breeder. Finally, in the early afternoon it came. She’s on her way!

Also, last night my breeder told me which girl from the litter we’ll be getting. It’s Green Girl! I looked through all the pictures I have, but couldn’t find any shots that were definitely of her save this one, from two weeks old:

It’s a tad hard to spot the collar colors when they’re running around, too much fluff in the way!

Holly and I took a loooong walk to get the wiggles out of her so she’ll sleep soundly tonight. We even stumbled across a fantastic little park in the area! You gotta love Seattle, no matter where you go there’s always something unexpected. For the first time in ages I let Holly on her extendable leash so she could wander around “hunt” and get lots of sniffs. She had a blast! Now she’s happily playing with her Kong.

I’ll write another post on the secret park some other time when I have pictures of it, and tomorrow I’ll have pictures of the lil’ Bit! Hopefully she’ll even have a name!! (Though there’s a distinct possibility that she won’t, I’ve been known to flip-flop on names for a few days, they have to be just perfect!)

So, keep your fingers crossed that goes perfectly!

Until Later,

Kat & Holly