She’s here!

After months of waiting and preparing the lil’ Bit has finally arrived in all her fuzzy glory!!

Here’s how our moonlit adventure unfolded last night: I decided to take Holly out for a last minute walk because the waiting was driving me up a wall. I got home a little before ten o’ clock. Mom wanted to leave around ten thirty. I went ahead to check the flight and make sure that it was still on time.

Well, not only was it on time, it was almost thirty minutes ahead of schedule! Needless to say this threw everyone into a panic, I broke out the Kongs for Holly, grabbed the backpack I’d packed with all the puppy supplies I could possibly need, and Mom and I loaded up and headed out.

Everything went just dandy until we missed our exit. We continued on, eventually found anther exit that would get us to the airport, and drove around for the next ten minutes trying to find the cargo area.

Finally we were there. We spent the next half hour waiting, watching, and in my case, paranoid that something would go wrong.

After what seemed like ages she was there. We went out to meet her, she was just precious! Lying down in her crate, tail wagging, a little nervous panting, but other than that, just fine. She was even wearing her little green ribbon!

At first she didn’t want to come out of the crate, but because it was going to be hard to fit it in the car, and it would have to be lifted down quite a ways, I had to haul her out, poor baby!

Once we were ready to go I called her breeder to let her know she was here and safe. We talked briefly, and then my Mom, lil’ Bit and I headed home.

She’s been a really good little girl so far! She’s had a few accidents, but that’s been my fault, not hers. She’s very brave and friendly, nothing has really scared her yet. She does have her own opinions on things. If, for example, she doesn’t want to go down the stairs, she won’t. We’re working on it. She’s also learned very quickly not to jump.

Holly isn’t so sure of the lil’ Bit. I’m going to have to remember to give Holly top dog privileges. The lil’ Bit got a wee bit jealous and growled at Holly when she tried to get pets. Needless to say lil’ Bit got pushed away and Holly got lots of love after that.

So here are some not so great pictures of her:

Konked out this morning after an exhausting Saturday.

I have a suspiscion that she’s suffering from jet lag and that this quietness won’t last long.

As for names, I’ve narrowed it down. She seems like a “B” name, as a huge fan of Celtic mythology I stick mostly with Celtic names, so here are the names I’m thinking of:

Brigantia (Bri for short)
Brit (Pronounced Breet)


Hope your weekend is as wonderful as mine has been!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, & lil’ Bit