Or at least, I would pay in gold for silence.

Last night, as my dear friend Belle warned me, was the first night of crate training. She slept in her crate the night after she came home, but she had just been on an 8-9 hour plane flight, so it didn’t really count.

She looks so innocent...

It. Was. A. Nightmare.

She cried and whined, yelped, and barked almost all night. About halfway through the night I got a big set of ear covers and was able to sleep peacefully through the night. Problem with that was that I think I missed the alarm clock I set to take her out to go potty. I woke up this morning without the ear covers on, the alarm clock turned off, and the Baby sleeping in her crate. Did I take her out? I have no idea.

I ran her outside to make sure she had a chance to go right away, she did both a little and big potty. Huzzah! She exhausted herself playing with ropetoys and tennis balls, and is now sacked out.

All paws, fur, and snout.

So far only one accident today, but that was handler error, she was getting antsy but I was trying to nap and ignored it.

Today when I go to walk dogs she’ll have to stay in her crate. She’s not fully vaccinated yet, so she has to wait just a little bit before she can get out and about. I don’t think the neighbors are home, so hopefully she won’t bother them.

We’re going to the vet today to get her check up and hopefully her next round of shots. She was due for her second round last Friday, but her breeder decided not to since she would be flying and the possibility of complications.

She really likes sleeping on the granite spot in our living room.

So far she has an amazing temperament. She’s very friendly and outgoing. She doesn’t even blink an eye at all the loud clashes and bangs that used to send Holly sprinting for the hills. She loves to be pet and adored, and wants to be near people. She’s eating well, and playing well, not chewing inappropriately and has figured out how to get up and down stairs. She’s also a true water dog. Thankfully this doesn’t entail digging in the water bowl, but she likes to have her paw in the water while she drinks.

I think her name has pretty much been decided. It is Brigantia!

Holly finds this interloper on her life unamusing.

For those who don’t know Brigantia is a Celitc goddess associated with healing, victory, the Sun, and sovereignty. There’s a lot more, but those are some of the big ones. Strange person that I am I find that names often bear truth in them, they tell a lot about the character of a person. We’re calling her Bri for short.

She’s a wonderful girl so far, hopefully in a few night’s time I’ll be raving about her wonderful crate manners as well.

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, & Brigantia