The Classical music station.

So, the first night home no one slept. Not me, not Bri, and I’m pretty sure Holly didn’t either given the way she slept through most of yesterday. Because of a complete lack of success or improvement throughout the first night we decided to try something a little different last night.

She plays so well with herself!

Armed with some real ear plugs, so as to have a back-up plan should this effort prove unsuccessful, we headed for bed a little early. So far, Bri hasn’t wanted to go in her crate, I’ve had to pick her up and put her in at night, or when leaving her alone. At first we just played around directly outside her crate. Then, when she was tired and starting to doze off, I picked her up and put her in the crate, then praised and pet like crazy.

At first she just wanted to leave the crate, so I let her. As soon as she was out of the crate I ignored her. Then, after a little while I put her back in the crate and gave her loooots of love. She stayed a little while longer this time, but again, when she went out I ignored her.

She also sleeps a lot.

We repeated this several more times, and she was getting really tired, so finally she just fell asleep in her crate. I left the door open and went about my nightly routine in a normal manner.

When it was finally time to really go to bed I gently closed the crate door, she started to whine and was looking a little worried, so I turned on the Classical music station, and sat directly outside of her crate with my fingers through the bars for a few minutes. She settled really quickly and was out like a light.

She was out for most of the night, there were two times she started getting antsy, not barking but starting to whine. I thought she might have to go potty, so we went outside and both times she lay down and went to sleep on the concrete walkway outside our house.

Our second “real” night was a success! I got (some) sleep, she slept well, and Holly slept well too. Hopefully she’ll be completely comfortable in her crate soon!

Holly's trying to recover from lack of sleep, due to Miss Bri.

Tonight is our first night going to the local 4-H group, it’s a group for puppy raisers and disabled kids and their Service Dogs. I’m really hoping that everything goes well.

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, &  Brigantia