I have some very, very serious objections to aversive training. I have since Holly developed issues because of them.

Well, my extreme dislike for aversive training has just gotten much more intense.

Sweet lil' Bit.

Now, first off, when I say I loathe aversive training I don’t mean that it can’t work. It can. Just not when idiots use it. Besides, why use something so harsh when you can get the same results and a much more eager-to-please dog with a little clicker training?

Since our “Little Disaster” on Tuesday night I was thinking that we were incredibly lucky that Bri hadn’t suffered any trauma and was continuing on as normal. Unfortunately I found out yesterday that that wasn’t the case.

Playing with the leftovers of a toy that lasted all of three days.

We went out in front of our house to let her go potty and a lab puppy and owner walked by. She leapt to the end of her leash with her tail between her legs. Joy.

Bri had been a littler nervous about new people and dogs before, but I had just chalked it down to being in a new situation. This was just appalling, so much more fearful than she had been before we went to the group.

Partially dry after a bath. She looks like a drowned rat.

So it’s back to square one. No aversives. At all. Not a single one.

Anyone who knows me knows just how hard that is for me. Especially in the mornings if I haven’t gotten good sleep. I’m not a morning person, not in any way, shape or form. However, I can’t risk Bri becoming more fearful, or unsure. Everything she comes into contact with needs to be absolutely wonderful.

Thankfully Holly is a good girl for this sort of thing and will be Bri’s mentor. The vet has given us the all-clear to go on walks and meet with new people and with dogs that we know. So long as we aren’t in dog parks, or parks in general, and so long as we keep her away from unknown dogs.

Holly, the mentor hound and all that remains of aforementioned toy. The pups loved it, but it had a short life.

The socialization marathon has really begun!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, & Brigantia