Thankfully things have just been getting better after our little disaster!

Holly and the big baby Bri!

Following the advice of some wonderful, experienced owner trainers I have backed way off on the socialization with Bri.

Bri is going out on walks with Holly and I and a few of my nice client dogs. However, she won’t be going to structured obedience situations for a little while yet.

Unlike what that… ah… dear trainer said, Bri is a Newfie, a giant breed. Giant breeds mature more slowly than the average sized breeds. So at this time she’s just beginning to come out of her fear stage. The last thing she needs is to be exposed to lots of new and scary situations. One more outing like our disaster and I may as well wash her out on the spot.

Holly is proving to be a wonderful mentor dog, she’s boosting Bri’s confidence and showing her appropriate behavior on walks. (Except when it comes to squirrels and cats.) Bri is learning to wait at corners, sit when asked, check in with me, and not pull on the leash. She’s also learning how wonderful strangers are and how to properly greet them.

More and more confident!

Because of Holly’s past dog reactivity, we’re mostly avoiding other dogs save those we know well. Once Bri has her last set of shots and is confident enough to work outside by herself, we’ll worry about meeting strange dogs, for now, she’s doing wonderfully!

She’s also grown quite a bit. I don’t have a new weight on her, but she’s now taller than Zoe, a large Miniature Poodle who visits us regularly. My guess is that she’s gained about five pounds in the last week or so. She’s going to be a big girl!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly & Brigantia