This week is Miss Zoe’s 5th Birthday!

Holly and Zoe.

Zoe is a dear Miniature Poodle who comes over to our place at least a few days a week. She’s right up there with Dozer when it comes to tolerating all the stuff that Bri and some of the other visiting dogs throw her way.

Zoe’s lovely owner brought over Birthday Bones for all the dogs, including Winter, the elderly Vizla who is also visiting this week.

Thus begins the Bone Dance.

None of the dogs can just keep to their own bones (picked out specifically for them according to size by Zoe’s person). Instead they all engage in the ancient and sacred rite of The Bone Dance.

First, for a few precious minutes (if we’re lucky) everyone has their own, proper bone.

Then, Winter, picky old baby that she is, decides she’d rather not have one.

No bone, thank you.

So, Holly, food loving hound that she is, races to steal Winter’s bone.

Holly bone hogging.

Bri and Zoe stay with their bones for a few minutes.

Content for the moment.

Birthday gal!

Until Zoe gets bored and wanders off to check out Bri’s bone and Bri pounces on Zoe’s.

Meanwhile, Zoe gets bored of all the bones. Holly steals what used to be Bri’s bone. Bri grabs Holly’s original bone.

Greedy hounds. Winter couldn't care less.

Zoe’s bone was ignored.

Poor lonely bone...

Thus concluded the complex Bone Dance. It’s more entertaining the more dogs there are participating.

What did we humans have?

Well… we stuck with Chocolate Truffle Cookies.

So much nummier than bones. *grin*

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia