Today, Bri gets to start rollin’ with a dog that may be only a little smaller than she’ll be when she’s grown up!

Huck and Bri, all big grins. Edna was on the sidelines trying to pull Holly off her high horse.


Huck’s a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog, he’s joining our Noonish walks on Tuesdays. Hopefully he’ll tag along a little more often, he’s sweet, sweet boy!

Our Tuesday Noontide gang now numbers four;

Left to Right: Huck, Bri, Edna & Holly. Usually they never get to pull like this, but I wanted to grab this shot.


They’re quite a fun group, though Holly, brat that she is, dislikes the enthusiasm of the other three. She has decided to treat them with great disdain.

Bri really liked Huck, he probably reminded her of a Newfie.

On the training front, Bri is starting puppy classes at Ahimsa Dog Training this Thursday! Ahimsa is a lovely clicker training school, owned by Grisha Stewart, the developer of BAT. We’re so excited to start there! I think that both Bri and I will have a much better time with this more competent school.

Until Later!

Kat & Holly