Today Bri got her final round of puppy shots! She’ll be going in around six months to get her Rabies and possibly Bordatella, but for now she’s finished!

She took her shot like a champ, though she was less than thrilled about getting her temperature taken. She also got weighed.

The last time she got weighed she was 11 weeks old and 29.7lbs. Now, at 15 weeks old she weighs 45lbs.

Wow, no wonder I’ve been having trouble fitting her in my lap!

Bri after her vet visit. Such a big girl!

Yesterday it was also time for a bath. She hadn’t had one for a few weeks and she was starting to get a little whiffy.

First, Holly got a bath. She did not enjoy it.

The Pretty Princess is mightily displeased with this turn of events.

Then it was Bri’s turn. Newfie grooming is a whole lot more complex than grooming a short-furred dog. Oh how I miss those days of sweet innocence when I thought that pet blow dryers were a frivolous comodity for those who didn’t know how to towel dry.

Bri pre grooming of any kind.

Then comes the pre-bath blow-out. I give her a blowing over with the dryer to get out loose fur, dirt, and debris.

After her pre-bath blowout. She's beginning to give me a Look.

Then comes the bathing. She goes into the shower (which has been adapted for dog-friendly use) and gets scrubbed and soaked. She’s not particularly fond of it.

She tends to resemble a drowned rat.

After this, Bri is patted dry(er) and put on the bathroom counter where she ends up staying for the next several hours being blown dry. By the end of this she isn’t actually dry, but she’s no longer soaking.

Mostly dry. Maybe one day I'll get to the skill to completely dry her in a shorter period of time. For now, she air drys most of the way after a certain point.

How I miss the days when grooming consisted of a 5 minute scrub and a towel. Can’t say I wasn’t warned though! Now to get ribbons for her fur…

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia