Holly, Bri and I had quite a day!

The morning did not so much dawn, as it did get slightly less black and rather more gray. We had some lovely weather yesterday, but Seattle is… temperamental when it comes to weather. Many a weatherman has had their spirit broken trying to predict it. Still, no weather could ruin today!

Look at how little Riley is! She's just sooo small! Or maybe my perspective has just been skewed by having a Newfie pup...

My best friend, Belle, from Just Between Us came up to visit us! She brought her crew, Dozer and Riley (a CCI pup) with her. It was her first time seeing Bri and my first time seeing Riley. The dogs hit it off right away, Holly and Dozer commiserated about the irritating little whipper-snappers, while Riley and Bri played, and played, and played.

Riley, the 20lb Lab pup, mauling Bri, the 45+lb Newfie pup. It was fearsome!

We even managed to pose all the pups together for a group shot. Getting the babies to stay still took a little bit of work, but they stayed long enough to get a few good ones!

Dozer and Riley on the stump, Bri and Holly on the ground.

After a good, hard play time Belle, Bri, my Mom and I packed up and headed off for our first Saturday puppy class. It was so much fun to have Belle along with us. It was much fuller than our Thursday class, there were two Dane puppies, one just 3 months, the other nearly 6 months, there was a HUGE size difference. It was lots of fun, Belle was wonderful enough to help us out with pictures.

Bri was pretty worn out by the morning's antics. She was an angel in puppy class.

 When we got home, we kitted up Bri and Riley for an outing together. The older beasts had to stay home, this was for training the pups, we wanted to put all our efforts into the pups.

But first, we had some fun…

Hehe! Riley's CCI vest looks so out of place on Bri, it barely fit.

Riley looks so much better in it.

We walked over the Ridge, visited one of the local pet boutiques for treats from the clerk, and an in-store working opportunity. Then, on we went, over the hill and accross the roads to the Secret Park.

Holly and I found the Secret Park the day we picked up Bri. It is this amazing little out-of-the-way spot that’s pretty much invisible until it’s right on top of it. It’s just beautiful, sadly there was no sun to light up the gorgeous park. Still, we worked on some basic cues and had some fun taking pictures.

Two tired puppies practicing "wait" for the sake of a photoshoot.

Bri behind the letters in the hill that read "SALWT" Any ideas as to meaning? Belle and I couldn't figure it out.

Awww... cute little Riley completing her balancing act! Such a sweet girl.

 After our short stay at the lovely park we headed home with two exhausted puppies. Bri sauntered along, grumbling her displeasure at the long walk, and Riley trotted after.

The pups were exhausted, though Dozer and Holly were quite irritated that they didn’t get a chance to accompany, especially since Holly adores parks. Thankfully they’d been with us on our earlier walk, so they weren’t completely left out.

The beasts running amuck... right through my sister's flowers.... *sigh* of all the places to have zoomies, really my dears?

So we had a wonderful, if exhausting weekend, full of adorable puppy-ness and lots of fun training. We’re so looking forward to seeing them again! Belle and I and Holly and Dozer have always been the best of friends. It looks like Riley and Bri are forming that bond too.

Head on over to her blog to check our her pictures, and her side of the story!

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia