We just saw the outstanding news on Bri’s breeder’s website!

Bri’s father, “Cypress Bay JL Snazzy Story at Avalon Bey” or Snazzy, has made it to the astounding spot of 2nd best Newfoundland in the country National/Regional Specialty winners! (Not quite sure exactly what that all means, but I assume it’s really good.)

Snazzy, such a handsome boy!

Furthermore, he’s been invited to the 2012 Westminster Dog Show!

We hippie-types don’t have a television, so the pack and I will (hopefully) be migrating over to my neighbor/friend/employer’s place for the big show. With a little luck Bri will get to see her Daddy strut the catwalk of dogdom!

I rather think that beautiful Bri resembles her incredibly handsome father.

Holly will most likely amuse herself by just playing with my neighbor’s dogs who she’s good friends with.

So, root for Snazzy and keep an eye out for him in this coming Westminster Show!

Congrats to Snazzy, his breeder, and Laura for their amazing work with him!

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia