We’re playing the name game… again.

In tribute to her Sire, Snazzy Story, Bri’s registered name was to be “Avalon Bey’s I Shall Wear Midnight”. Which (except for the kennel name) is the title of a fantastic book by Terry Pratchett about Witches, Rough Music, Common Sense, and of course, the Nac Mac Feegle (Crivens!). I’m not going to explain, you’ll have to read it yourselves.

Much to my shock and horror I recieved Bri’s papers a few days ago to find that it was not the fantastic name I had written down, but “Avalon Bey’s L Shall Wear Midnight”.


This isn’t the first time there have been name problems with the AKC.

My real name is quite long and arduous for strangers to write, in fact it’s such a pain that spelling it out after saying it has become habit, complete with an “M, as in Michael.” On Holly’s CGC certificate they left off the last few letters of my last name leaving it cruelly mutilated, which I honestly didn’t mind so long as most of it was there.

Let’s not even get started on how poor Dozer became Dozen on his CGC certificate.

Poor Dozer, definitely not a Dozen...

Thankfully, this time around all will be well. I called the AKC and while they maintain that it was written “L” rather than “I” they have corrected it and are sending me the new paperwork free of charge.

Hopefully we won’t have to play the name game again for a while!

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia