Or, our first of what will be many.

Holly in ivy, borrowing the neighbors decorations for a photo op.

We’re one of those strange families that doesn’t really remember it’s Christmas season until about a week before the big day. We go out, possibly just half a week before Christmas and haggle the tree salesman down to $10 for a tree. Then cover the poor thing in strange ornaments that leave the usually raggedy specimen drooping and barely visible.

Being as it’s only a week before Christmas I figured it was about time to get our first photos.

Holly got back from Christmas shopping for her doggy friends. She looks like such a diva!

I borrowed one of our neighbor’s decorations. It was singing, so it doubled as a socialization opportunity for Bri. She was curious, but definitely not fearful, high tail and a happy face, but she kept turning around the check out the lights. Goofy kid.

I think she rather enjoyed the flashing lights though.

Ah, the horrors I force my dogs to endure…

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!

The Baby Bear in the ivy collar.

On a side note, Bri’s Sire, Snazzy, is competing in the Eukanuba National Championships this weekend! Goooo Snazzy, we’re watching the live streaming starting tomorrow morning at five! If you’re even remotely interested check out the link, Here.

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia