Huzzah! Bri’s name is now fixed! I have on paperwork that she is “Avalon Bey’s I Shall Wear Midnight”. Yes!

Also, we made a weekend of watching the Eukanuba dog show, intersperced with several walks to keep us all sane. I’m infinitely pleased to say that Snazzy, Bri’s Sire, took 3rd Award of Excellence! Yay Snazzy!!!

During the weekend, the pups and I trekked over to a local park so Holly and I could work on her Rally cues with distractions. She was fantastic, despite the fact that there was a German Shepherd playing ball only about ten feet away from us.

On the way back, we stopped by a particularly lit up house to take a picture.

All the gorgeous lights!

We’re also dog-sitting a little albino Chihuahua. As awful as it sounds, I’m not a huge fan of the breed, I’ve only ever met one who was really a nice little dog. This one is definitely not a good ambassador.

He has decided that he hates Bri’s guts, and Holly’s only a little less. He spends most of his time in my sister’s room.

Bri's so crushed that he doesn't like her.

Ah yes, and we are not getting a Christmas tree this year. *sigh* So instead we hung up a gigantic wreath and decorated that instead. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Not too bad looking!

This little corner is not the easiest spot to get good pictures in.

Our Ahimsa classes are going fantastically! We’ve dropped in on a few of them, each and every one is spectacular!! I’m getting rather addicted to them, and really want to get some for Holly, but finances are a little tight right now, so Holly has to wait.

Turns out Bri is a bit of a peace maker. When other pups start playing really rough, she saunters over to them and kind of wedges her way in between so they can’t get too worked up. The instructors love her. She’s also figured out how to sucker up to other people for treats. So whenever there’s a playtime she makes a few rounds to the other people and sits right in front of them with this big grin. Usually she gets what she wants.

What a cute little mug...

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Christmas season!

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia