Well we’re back at last!

We took an unofficial blogging break over Christmas, mostly because all the other stuff needed doing, and blogging was last on the list and therefore, didn’t happen.

Waiting for me to bring their presents to them on Christmas morning.

Waiting for me to bring their presents to them on Christmas morning.

The beasts had a wonderful Chirstmas, their stockings were full to bursting, and they even had a few presents under the wreath. My younger sister was gone to my Dad’s on Christmas, and my Mom was headed out to a family gathering (which I did not attend because I didn’t want to leave Bri alone in her crate for 6-7 hours) so they got to open all their presents first.

Waiting for the okay to dig in.

They both got some giant rib bones from my dad, who seems to have embraced his role as doggy granddad.

They also got some more bones from me, a roll of Natural Balance food for treats, some canned food from my sister, and some rawhides from a friend and client of mine.

I thought that was all for them, but nope! In a lovely present from a friend they also got some amazing (and very fancy) sun dried, grass fed, beef liver treats, which they loooove.

Practicing self control. (The treats are on their paws.)

They also got a whole boatload of toys and some treats from one of my relatives.


Holly just ate the edible puppy Nylabone, but Bri loved all the toys. Especially the rope toys, even though one of them was meant for a Lab sized puppy, not a 55-60lb hulk.

Then she just got so excited about all the new toys and treats that she had a little happiness meltdown, complete with zoomies afterward.

After all this the beasts settled in and we had a lovely, peaceful, quiet Christmas, blessedly free of any drama.

Hope you and your pups all had wonderful Christmases and are looking forward to the New Year!

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Brigantia