Yes, the Beasts are back at last!

My excuse for the past month of black-out-worthy silence? School. I may go to an online school, but let’s just say that’s not always a good thing. My semester just finished and between the crazy weather, numerous finals, and master-level procrastination skills I’ve had a lot of non-dog related things on my plate.

Family and friends. Dozer, Holly, Riley and Bri.

Holly is, as always, my stellar Coonie-hound. She’s been getting on beautifully, if rather irritated that she’s not the sole reciever of attention anymore. We’re preparing for her first Rally trial in late February. We’re also enrolling in a reactive dog class at Ahimsa. She’s been pretty good about other dogs, but practice with an amazing trainer can’t hurt. I’m also hoping that taking this class will give us a base to move on to the new agility and Control Unleashed classes that Ahimsa just started offering.

From early January when Belle came over for a visit with the Dozer Meister and Riley of the Noble Brow. There's Lady Holly and Bri of the Long Tongue.

┬áBri is growing up really quickly. She’s just a few inches shorter than Holly now, and I suspect she weighs about the same as my regal Coonie.

Her training is coming along quite well. She’s rock solid about sounds and strange moving objects, something Holly was never fond of. She’s becoming very fond of people and other dogs, but she’s not sure about little children. They are the only things that still scare her. We’re working very hard on that, as it’s something that could certainly pose a huge problem in the future. With the progress she’s making I think I can safely say that in a month or so she’ll be starting her Public Access training.

Task training really has been a breeze. She’s got a solid automatic wait at curbs. In fact she’s more solid than Holly ever was and that’s saying something. Her retrieve is great, I never had to teach it to her she just picked it up. Her “take it” cue is great, now holding onto said object… needs some work, but the idea is there. Finding the house is doing beautifully, not the car yet, but that comes later. There are a number of tasks that will come later, such as bracing, guiding, and blocking. Her basic cues are perfect, she’s great on leash, and goes potty on cue.

She’s also just a giant goofball. She loved the snow we got last week.

Say what? Cold?? Pssh!

Bri's got some serious Professional Puppy Eyes.

So on the dog front all is well.

I’m also doing quite wonderfully. Shortly before the new year I decided to try something new. You may have heard of the Raw Food diet, if not I strongly encourage you to check it out. Basically you don’t eat or drink any processed foods or drinks. Or anything that has been heated over 108 degrees Farenheit. Some people find it rather absurd, but I’ve been doing it for almost a month and have never felt healthier in my life! Shedding excess pounds I’ve had for years, more energy, fewer eczema problems (life long problem), think more clearly, and just feeling better all around. I don’t see stopping any time soon.

I’ve also been working quite hard with my instruments. I play the recorder, Soprano mostly, but also Alto. Wooden so they don’t sound like nails on a blackboard. It’s a pretty easy instrument, so keeping up with it isn’t hard. However, I also took up the Bodhran about a year ago.

The Bodhran is a type of hand drum. Now I know that most drums seem easy to play, I can assure you, the Bodhran takes loooots of practice. It’s one of those that sounds stunning when played well, but is royal hell on the ears when played badly. If you haven’t ever heard or seen them look them up on youtube. They are just spectacular!

Hope that everyone is doing well!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly & Brigantia