Well, it’s been a long, long time since I last wrote. So much has happened!

Holly and Baby Bri shortly after I left.

Holly and Baby Bri shortly after I left.

Firstly, with a lot of work, effort, and determination I was able to beat my phobias. With that happening Holly and Bri both happily returned to their lives as beloved, spoiled, goofy pets. Honestly I think both of them by far prefer that over working as Service Dogs.

After getting bored with High School last year my dear mom and I had a good long talk about it and I subsequently dropped out, and about a month later had my GED with an astonishingly high average score. I was more than happy to have that out of the way. I furthered my education by taking a Certified Nursing Assistant course which I passed with flying colors.

Baby Bri is all grown up!

Baby Bri is all grown up!

Having completed my education for the time being I decided to do something wild, crazy, and quite possibly idiotic. About a month before my eighteenth birthday (late January) I packed my bag, sold what wouldn’t fit, kissed my beloved puppies adieu (temporarily) and flew nearly three thousand miles to Athens, Georgia. Where I am currently residing and struggling along.

Two big girls now. Baby Bri and my Baby Sis!

Two big girls now. Baby Bri and my Baby Sis!

It has been an interesting ride, and I have learned a lot about life and what it takes to survive on your own. I’ve also learned more about mechanics than I ever thought I would. For example, I never thought I’d learn how to change a water pump, or jump a car, change the battery, decode a vacuum diagram, or anything else vaguely related to automobiles. Unfortunately, my dear darling van, nicknamed The Pig, is, to put it lightly, a temperamental bunch of parts that is more or less held together with duct tape and baling wire. She can hit about 60 mph before things start falling off… But I suppose with over 300,000 miles on her it’s understandable.

I have also learned the value of working HARD. I am working two part time positions, one at a packing factory, the other at a lovely boarding kennel. The first is just a job, and frankly, not worth the money they pay you. The second has been absolutely wonderful! There simply aren’t enough crazy dog people around, so working at a high quality kennel has been marvelously refreshing.

Holly's getting a little gray at 7 years old, and Bri's a BIG baby.

Holly’s getting a little gray at 7 years old, and Bri’s a BIG baby.

Despite how much fun it has been to be out on my own I am not sure that Georgia is a place I will be staying. First, and most importantly, I don’t have my dogs. That is just heartbreaking. They are with my Mom and Lil Sis who are taking good care of them, but what can I say? They’re my babies and I miss them desperately. Life just isn’t right without them drooling, shedding, begging and generally being little (big?) terrors.

Secondly, I miss Belle, my dearest friend and most brilliant accomplice. My family are also missed, though there is a little part of me that is ecstatic to have them far away, but please note: it’s a LITTLE part.

Lastly, and to be completely honest, I miss the land. Towering mountains on every side, fresh sea air, the ocean, the valleys, the towering evergreen forests, everything really. Might I note that in Washington not everything is out to bite, sting, shock, burn, infect, or suck your blood. Here there is no end to the number of small villainous critters that will do at least one, if not all of the aforementioned. It really is most distressing! Also, of great concern to me is the complete and utter lack of modern hippies! I asked where I could find the local organic store and I got a ‘What Is She Talking About’ look… I’m out of my depth!

So, I figured I’d try to get some updating done here. I don’t know whether or not I’ll be staying here for too much longer. It’s been a fun ride, but I’m more homesick than I ever dreamed possible. However, in the meantime I shall enjoy where I am and make the best of it!

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

Always a Blessing,

Kat and from afar:
Holly & Bri