I realize that, in my short life, I have been incredibly sheltered, and in all honesty raised in a very peaceful, liberal, and hippie-ish community. I have always taken things such as environmental awareness, voting, and healthy living for granted. Now, I find myself surrounded by people who don’t understand or practice most or any of the things I was raised with.

Don’t get me wrong, these people are wonderful, sweet, friendly folks! They’d give the shirt off their backs to someone in need which is why I try so hard to bite my tongue when it comes to some things… Like irresponsible dog breeding.

This story starts with explaining that I unintentionally have obtained another dog. I think of her a foster. She’s a beautiful little black Lab/Pittie mix. Probably 9 months to a year old. I saw her running loose near a friend’s house and, upon asking around, found out that she had belonged to a neighbor, but they didn’t want her so they gave her to someone who also decided they didn’t want her and threw her out the window. She’d been running around the neighborhood ever since.

Well, I can’t keep dogs where I’m staying, but I work at a boarding kennel. I called my employer she said to bring her in the next day. I did. Now the little Miss, currently unnamed is staying at my work. She’s gotten her shots, and has a spay appointment. I’ll be sponsoring her so she can go to adoption events with a rescue in the area.

Now, it is on the spay that I would like to harp.

The people I am staying with, lovely as they are, have no dog sense. NONE. It is almost painful. Especially considering that one used to work for animal control. I have always taken for granted that you (a) don’t keep dogs outside 24/7. (b) don’t breed dogs unless they are purebred and have titles to the moon and back (c) spay and neuter all animals that are not going to be shown and bred. RESPONSIBLY. These people don’t do any of this.

They keep all their big dogs chained up outside. Since I have lived here one of the dogs got heatstroke and died in my arms. They are backyard breeders. “Oh, people want purebred puppies of this breed.” is their battle cry. No papers, no titles, no working, not even solid temperaments and socialization, yet they still breed irresponsibly.

Like I said, this is not my house, and I really cannot interfere though I desperately want to. But I finally snapped last night when someone started telling me that I shouldn’t be spaying my foster girl. I asked why on earth they thought that and the response was, “Someone might want a breeding dog.”

That really put me off. She’s not purebred, no one knows the health problems she could have, she has no titles yet, and dear lord, dear god, I would NEVER adopt her out to someone who would want her for breeding.

I attempted to explain kindly the whole puppy mill and backyard breeder vs. responsible breeder thing. But of course that only made these people offended because they’d bred their dogs.

What can I say. People are absolute idiots, and since I moved down here the urge to beat my head against a wall out of sheer frustration at their stupidity has become a daily thing.

My camera is currently broken so I have no pictures of the little girl, but hopefully soon!

Hope you are all doing well!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, Bri & Foster girl