Alas, I still have no pictures for you! With any luck, and maybe if the budget is good this month, I will be able to get my phone camera fixed so you can at least get an idea of what my foster girl looks like.

She now has a name, Maya. She continues to stay at the kennel I work at, and during down time when I’m there she gets out and plays with her doggie pals and afterwards hangs out with me while I go about my cleaning routine. She is certainly a velcro dog, always, always, always glued to my knee. It’s kind of like having a shorthaired, hyperactive, 30lb version of Bri. Almost. Bri moves quite a bit slower than Maya does.

On a happy note, what with the increase in salary, my boyfriend (I got me one of them too) and I are planning on getting a place together. Hopefully somewhere a whole lot closer to my work and his best friend’s place, that way my poor, beleaguered van doesn’t have to haul itself  over hill and dale four times a day so I can get there and back again.

Let me tell you, finding a place is easier said than done! As a young tween I always thought it’d be a piece of cake, go, pay money, move stuff in, live there. HA! Deposits, first/last, roommates(?), pets allowed or not, EVERYTHING! Being a grown-up is bothersome!

More to come as life unfurls!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, Bri & Maya