July 4th… Oh my goodness, I have never appreciated just how hard dog boarding facilities work over the holidays. This past Independence Day was packed full! We had a little bit of everything, friendly Danes; fluffy, lovable yap dogs; and of course at least one pup that would take your face off if given the chance.

Thankfully, with the end of the holiday all the pups went home leaving our facilities eerily peaceful. It’s been blissfully quiet. Maya, my little foster girl, has found herself a wonderful home! She’ll be going to her forever family this Wednesday.

As for my personal life, it has been frustrating. I finally found a beautiful little furnished studio apartment which I can afford. Thanks to my fantastic boss lady who asked one of our clients about their spare building. On that front, things are looking up!

On the other hand, my relationship has deteriorated. I realize this blog is about my dogs, but I feel that this ties in suitably.

I had not thought about it until recently but the boyfriend has become increasingly controlling and disrespectful of me, my property, and my passions. He’s never been a dog person, but he’s been outright rude about my coworkers, my canine charges, and my own pups. Huge problem, anyone who utters a wrong word about my canine children is instantly under suspicion.

Now my property, driving me to work while high and refusing to give me the keys to my own darn car is a problem. A very, very big one. Using my automatic car as a manual is also a problem, not to mention dragging on the e-brake.

I have had enough of it. I am moving out this week on my own. I am really looking forward to running my own life again!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly, Bri & Maya (going home Wednesday!!!)