So much has happened these last few months it’s very hard to sum it all up and do it adequate justice. I’ll try to the best of my ability to make it brief.
Maya was adopted by a wonderful, loving family in the suburbs with two children (whom she adores), a mom who works from home, and a huge fenced in back yard. To the best of my knowledge they are very happy with her and she with them. A great ending to what started out as a sad story.

After a crash course in life, meeting many wonderful people (and plenty of the not-so-wonderful kind too) I decided that the great American South is not really my thing. From the humidity and heat, to the culture, to… well pretty much everything. Different strokes for different folks, but I’m a Pacific Northwest gal! I belong amid mountains, rain, and bone-chilling temperatures.

It was sad to leave in some ways, my landlady and my boss were some absolutely amazing women and I picked up some wonderful experience from them. But when my plane set down in my hometown I was very glad to be back.

Best of all, I’m back with my dogs! I’ll be starting school in January and until then the pups and I have some time to work on training again! I’ve managed to get big dreams for both of them (again) and we’ll see what comes of that, so long as we’re having fun all is well.

It’s good to be home!
Until Later,
Kat, Holly & Bri