So having been the happy (somewhat beleaguered) owner of a Newfoundland for a little over two years one would think I’d be well versed in things like grooming by now. I actually thought I was doing pretty well controlling the dust bunnies and keeping Bri from becoming a bigger version of a badly done Puli. Well, I thought that until just recently.

It started young...

The fluff just never left…

See, Bri has this fluff… Like any Newfie she has the long feathering, massive, puffy pantaloons that attract dirt, debris, pine needles, old cigarette butts, and other things of that ilk, and the long, flag-type tail. But she also has this head floof. It is insane. It’s so long that when it’s fully grown out it parts in the middle. Her ear floof hangs down several inches past the ends of her ears. She looks like a fluff explosion.

Now, somehow, I have spent the past two years in the belief that all this extra fluff will simply fall away one day and leave behind the (almost) perfectly shaped Newfie trim, no more long ear tassles, or chest poof that is out of control, rounded head where the floof actually stands on it own.

At two years two months, the fluff still hadn't gone!

At two years two months, the fluff still hadn’t gone!

Imagine my embarrassment when, while puttering around a Newf forum I frequent, browsing for information on handling The Undercoat, I found that the perfect Newfie looks is made, not born.


A little more research and off I went to the Groomer’s Mall to get a decent pair of thinning shears.

After a week of anticipating their arrival they finally came, all shiny and oh-so-sharp! Poor Bri had a day full of grooming. Bath, followed by blow-drying, then brushing out, stripping down, and finally trimming. It took me about three hours to work my way through the instructions and shape her up a bit. I have to say, for a first attempt, it really did not turn out too badly.

Less floof!

Less floof!

We got through it with a minimum of bloodshed, I only managed to cut myself open with those uber sharp shears. I’ll gladly take that over nicking Bri any day!

Bri happily avoided any nicks.

Bri happily avoided any nicks.

Holly looked on at the whole scene over her peanut butter Kong with a smug expression on that graying face of hers. I’m getting more and more of the impression that she’s very happy to be the low maintenance hound.

Natural beauties, I just learned how to tame some Bri's lovely locks.

Natural beauties, I just had to learn how to tame some Bri’s lovely locks.

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Bri