Another year is rolling over! This Thanksgiving I would do well to remember all the blessings I have.

Thankful for lessons learned in Georgia.

Thankful for lessons learned in Georgia.

I am thankful for my amazing family and friends; my time in Georgia which taught me so many life lessons; all the opportunities that I have been given in life; and, as always, my two, wonderful dogs.

Two years ago.

Two years ago.

Holly’s been my girl for over four years now, seen me through my rocky adolescence and into adulthood, taught me so much about patience, trust and partnership.

Bri joined our crew just over two years ago. She has had so many lessons of her own to teach me, about taking joy in life, about habits, and standing up for others. Devotion and loyalty, and just like her big sister, she’s shown taught me so much about trust.

Now. Bri's grown up so much, and Holly's aged gracefully.

Now. Bri’s grown up so much, and Holly’s aged gracefully.

So today, I’ll walk my beasts, go and enjoy my family, make sure the girls get an extra big hug and treat, and remind myself about just how lucky I am to my two wonderful partners, and that I must continue to strive to worthy of such devotion.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly & Bri