Merry Christmas! Tuesday, Dec 24 2013 

Merry Christmas all!

The girls and I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange this year, so the girls got to open their gifts a few days early.

Holly and Bri were very excited about their Secret Santa gifts. Ever since the presents arrived they’ve been snuffing the boxes and waiting patiently.

Oh so patient!

Oh so patient!

Holly, having seniority, and being a generally pushy hound got to open hers first. She took that responsibility very seriously.





A little too seriously, since I ended up having to “help” her to make sure that she didn’t end up shredding more than just the box.


Face first into her present.

Face first into her present.

She was ready to rip the treat bags open right away.

She was ready to rip the treat bags open right away.

Bri was much more polite. She snuffled around her box and waited patiently for me to open it for her. She wasn’t sure what to do with her wrapped presents. Though Holly gladly would have helped.

She figured it out!

Over the last few days they have been happily swapping toys and waiting (in Holly’s case, very impatiently) for more treats to be dispensed.

Thank you to our Secret Santas for making the girl’s Christmas so exciting! They loved everything!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly & Bri


Shameless Exploitation Friday, Dec 13 2013 

What with being recently returned from the other side of the country, I’m looking for a job. There’s a big difference between job hunting in the middle of a small town, middle of nowhere area and a huge city packed with dogs and their people. The competition around here is rough!

Today I had my first interview with a lovely daycare facility. OCD little job hunter that I am I always write thank you notes that I mail directly after an interview.

Determined to make myself stand out from the crowd I decided to exploit my adorable dogs. and paste a picture of them to the inside of the card. This was the resulting picture.


They held it for a few minutes.


Then Bri dropped the stocking, Holly tried to pick it up. We sorted it out, then Holly dropped her sign, Bri decided she was exhausted, and it all went sideways.


Needless to say, I think they were adorable and the resulting card was, if not a masterpiece, significantly adorable to help me stand out from the crowd. Hopefully I won’t have the need, but if I do I plan to continue shamelessly exploiting my pup’s adorable little mugs in the future.

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Bri

Wordless Wednesday Thursday, Dec 5 2013 


Happy Hump Day!

Kat, Holly & Bri


Monday Mornings… Tuesday, Dec 3 2013 

6:30 Monday morning. In fact, 6:30 every morning, this is what awaits me as I stumble around the kitchen making tea. The girls are hungry. Starving in fact, and there is no way this side of hell that they’ll let me make it to 7:00 before feeding them.

So... hungry....

So… hungry….

About two minutes after this picture was taken Bri brought her bowl over and dropped it on my toes when I failed to fill it fast enough. Such evil little children… 🙂

May your toes remain unbruised and your mornings peaceful!

Kat, Holly & Bri

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Tuesday, Dec 3 2013 

And I just won’t let them.





Oh, such a rough, rough life.

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Bri