What with being recently returned from the other side of the country, I’m looking for a job. There’s a big difference between job hunting in the middle of a small town, middle of nowhere area and a huge city packed with dogs and their people. The competition around here is rough!

Today I had my first interview with a lovely daycare facility. OCD little job hunter that I am I always write thank you notes that I mail directly after an interview.

Determined to make myself stand out from the crowd I decided to exploit my adorable dogs. and paste a picture of them to the inside of the card. This was the resulting picture.


They held it for a few minutes.


Then Bri dropped the stocking, Holly tried to pick it up. We sorted it out, then Holly dropped her sign, Bri decided she was exhausted, and it all went sideways.


Needless to say, I think they were adorable and the resulting card was, if not a masterpiece, significantly adorable to help me stand out from the crowd. Hopefully I won’t have the need, but if I do I plan to continue shamelessly exploiting my pup’s adorable little mugs in the future.

Until Later!

Kat, Holly & Bri