I’ve heard the training mantra repeated again and again: “Training is about training the owner far more than the dog.” I guess I never really realized how true that saying was.

The class that Bri and I are taking is more for fun and working with distraction than for anything else. I like the trainer, but I wouldn’t use her methods just out of personal preference. However, I’ve been interested in learning more about dog training and possibly an apprenticeship with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. So last night, at our class I talked with her to see if I could come and help her out with some of her other classes just for my own education.

Lovely lady that she is, she agreed and today I got to assist with the puppy class. Since I wasn’t working with my own dog and therefore, not existing in our own little training world, I got the chance to observe how the average Joe works with their new puppies.

It was a rather surprising.

Lots of owners completely oblivious of dog training basics I’d taken for granted. I watched and helped where I felt comfortable doing so, and the owners were by and large a lovely, receptive group of people.

The surprising part was just how much more work it was to work with the owners than the puppies. I hadn’t realized just how much training the professional trainers put into the human half of their client group.

Discussing that observation with the trainer after the class let out she laughed and said that, yes, the humans are the hard part. The dogs are easy, but training the humans to train the dogs is what makes or breaks a dog trainer.

I’m looking forward to continuing to help out with the training classes and learning how to help the owners just as easily as I can work with the dogs!

Until Later,

Kat, Holly & Bri