Brigantia, or as we call her, Bri, is my little Newfoundland girl.

About two years after I got Holly, and shortly after washing Holly out of Service Dog training, I began the search for the pup that would turn out to be Bri.

I honestly can say I had no desire for a second dog. I’m not rich, and I really enjoy being able to lavish one pup with all the attention, treats, and training rather than having to worry about two pups.

However, life just seems to have this way of never sticking the the plan. I tried to live without a Service Dog for a little while. It was an absolute nightmare, so I started looking into breeds and discussing it with my family.

Bri, the Green Collar Girl, at 2 weeks.

After much deliberating, I settled on a Newfoundland as the perfect mix of temperment and physique for what I needed.

We looked into several breeders before finding the wonderful woman we would get Bri from. At the time we contacted her she had just had a litter, and there was one female pup left.

Bri was originally the “Green Collar Girl”.  She was born on August 22, 2011

She came home at almost eleven weeks, on November 5, 2011.

11 weeks

She is intelligent, fun loving, eager to please, and attentive. She loves to play with her toys, the biggest of which is Holly, and can entertain herself for hours.

At this point she’s a touch on the cautious side, but Holly was far worse than Bri is and is now bombproof, so I’m confident it will pass with time and work.

Gotta love a self-entertainer.

I’m looking forward to adding more about Bri to this page as she grows up and we get to know her better.